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Enfield Town Owners

We Own Our Club – Join the Enfield Town Supporters Society now and become a Football Club Owner. If you are an Enfield Town Supporter, your name should be on the list below.

As a member you

  • Hold a £1.00 share of the Society
  • Are able to attend and participate in meetings of the Supporters Society
  • Stand for election to the Club Board and participate in elections.

But most of all you become an owner of the UK’s first supporters owned club.

Enfield Town has enjoyed great success since formation in 2001 with progress on and off the field. From the Essex Senior League to the Ryman Premier League, and from ground sharing to our own stadium in the centre of Enfield is a great achievement. This has been as a direct result of the active membership of supporters.

Remember without the members of the Supporters Society there would be no Enfield Town FC.

The following are the current owners of Enfield Town Football Club:

Eric Allan
Sue Allen
Phil Ambrose
Steve Ambrose
Malcolm Andrews
Mary Archer
Anthony Atkinson
Rupert Baker
Colin Baynham
Sylvia Baynham
Robert Belli
Stefano Belli
Gordon Bentley
Martin Bentley
Patricia Betts
Neil Blackwell
Graham Borland
Guy Bowden
Ross Bowden
Ken Brazier
Paul Brewer
Ray Brewer
Andy Brown
Clare Brunton
Dave Bryant
Joy Bryant
Peter Bryant
Colin Bunyan
Mike Bunyan
Sam Burrows
William Burton
Jim Cantle
Lynne Cantle
Martin Cantrell
Gary Careford
Keith Careford
Donald Carter
Rose Carter
Elizabeth Chowne
Michael Chowne
Colin Clark
Darren Clarke
Ron Clarke
Tony Claydon
Carol Coath
Pete Coath
Liam Colebrook
Christopher Copping
Mark Cripps
Susan Cripps
William Croome
James Cunneen
Eric Curtis
Bruce Darnell
Richard Davey
Phil Davison
Leslie Denny
Simon Dilly
Errol D’Lim
John Dolan
Ian Donegan
Paul Donegan
Vera Donegan
Mark Doyle
Martin Doyle
Colin Druce
Mohammad El-Awady
Kirsty Emblen
Mark Emblen
Dave Farenden
Gilli Farenden
Peter Finch
David France
Michael Francis
Ray Gains
Richard Garrett
Norman Gilder
Mary Gill
Ciaran Glennon
Les Gold
Claire Gooch
Simon Gorman
Jim Gould
Alan Green
Pauline Green
Andy Greendall
Ji Grendall
Rhear Grendall
David Grove
Peter Gruenewald
John Grundon
Stuart Halley
Ron Hammans
Hilary Hammatt
Peter Hammatt
Richard Hammond
Sheila Harrison
Steph Harrison
Christopher Harvey
Andy Hatvani
John A Henderson
Steve Henning
Dave Hicks
Simon Hill
John Hollis
Nick Horslen
Glen Hosford
Nigel Howard
Stephen Hoye
Chris Hughes
Arin Ismail
Ayse Ismail
Mustafa Ismail
Ramadan Ismail
John Jefferson
Keith Johnson
Elaine Keay
Iain Keay
David Kerridge
Andrew King
Charlotte King
Philip Kirbyshire
Robert Kirkland
Patrick Knight
Paul Lamper
Geoff Lee
William Lewis
Alan Limbrick
Bernard Limbrick
Brenda Limbrick
Adam Lowe
Ellen Lowe
Geoffrey Lowe
Gillian Lowe
Karen Lowe
Mike Lowe
Nick Lowe
Richard Lowe
Stephen Mann
Eddie McCluskey
Alan Medlock
Graham Meldrum
Paul Michael
Maria Miller
Natasha Miller
Scott Miller
Steve Miller
Tommy Miller
Daniel Millington
Paul Millington
G Mills
Lee Mills
Margaret Mills
Geoffrey Morris
Bryan Mundy
Mick Mundy
Henry Nagorski
Michael North
Stuart North
Michael Pegrum
Lucien Perring
Malcolm Philpott
David Pinnington
Eileen Poole
Andrew Pope
John Powell
Christine Prince
William Prince
David Pullen
Graham Ramsay
Paul Rayner
Steve Read
Cheryl Reed
Paul Reed
Roger Reed
Steve Richards
Tony Richards
Ben Rider
James Rider
Mark Rider
Derek Robinson
Chris Robshaw
Tony Robshaw
Vincent Romanelli
Tommy Ryan
Brian Savage
Jean Savage
James Scott
Thomas Scott
Jon Scutt
John Seligmann
Michael Sibthorpe
Geoff Smith
Glyn Smith
Jake Smith
Lawrence Smith
Lianne Smith
Joshua Somma
Ian Stanton
Keith Stanton
Peter Steer
Joe Studman
Jim Tanner
Jon Tanner
Ian Thomas
Geoffery Tooth
Dean Vale
David Watson
Cliff West
Sheila West
Trevor West
Martin White
Lee Wilkinson
Alan Wilson-Kelsey
Billy Wilson-Kelsey
Danny Wilson-Kelsey
Lisa Wilson-Kelsey
David Wisbey
Michael Wood
Paul Wood
Keith Wortley
Michael Wren
Akin Yilmaz

If you are not on the list please complete download a form from the club website (see below).


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